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Partners in Print

Image by Frea Buckler

Spike Print Studio (SPS) and University of the West of England (UWE) are establishing an exciting new venture that embraces the multifaceted nature of the professional print studio. The project will grow community engagement by creating sustainable opportunities for learning, exhibiting, editioning and professional development for young people who would not otherwise have access to such opportunities.

The venture was launched in October 2018 with an exhibition at UWE Bower Ashton. This exhibition brought together artists who have worked in both organisations through the opportunities created for them,  giving them space to tell their story about openings created and where it has led them. The exhibition reflected the extraordinary talent and output of those involved, supported by artist statements on their experience of working collaboratively with SPS and UWE. 

What happens next?

The exhibition was wthe starting point for gathering support and patronage for developing UWE and SPS’s collaborative educational editioning project which will create opportunities for young people to work in a professional artistic environment with a wide range of artists and editioners.  Working in print will allow them to develop their artistic practice whilst being supported by a wide range of practitioners able to guide, advice and promote them.