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10 week Vandercook 21st Century HeroMachine


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Mondays 23 Sept – 2 Dec 2019
1:30 – 4:30pm
Led by Nick Greenglass

A workhorse of the commercial printing industry until he 1960s, Vandercook presses have been adopted by artists ever since for their ease of printing short run editions.  

Learn how to make experimental monotype one off prints and contemporary woodcuts. Push your work in exciting new directions with multiple layers and discover how to create beautiful editions and series.   This is an exciting new course exploring the interdisciplinary possibilities of traditional and digital printmaking processes – using the extraordinary Vandercook Press, our 21st Century HeroMachine!

Acquired by SPS founder, Peter Reddick, the Vandercook is an iconic part of Spike Print Studio and is one of only 11 in the world  Vandercooks were traditionally used for making proof prints of books and newspapers so it can produce large-format prints with great accuracy and enormous creative potential.