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5 week intermediate cyanotype and tri-colour gum bichromate


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With Martyn Grimmer
Tuesdays 31 October – 28 November
£150 / 6 students

Learn the historic processes of Cyanotype & Gum Bichromate printing. You will begin with photographs, analogue or digital, and process them through Photoshop as digital negatives onto film. Cyanotype is a photographic process that involves two chemicals to coat the paper to make it sensitive to UV light, resulting in a deep prussian blue image.This process was originally created in 1842. It is one of the simpler alternative processes and is a great introduction to alternative photography.

With Gum Bichromate, photo-sensitized watercolour & gum arabic are brushed onto the paper, upon which negatives are placed during exposure to ultraviolet light. A colour image will be made using separate RGB files, and will be printed in conjunction with cyanotype to produce a full colour image. The results are luminous combinations of painting and photography.