A Year in Print


30 weeks
23 Sept 2019 to 6 July 2020
9:30am – 12:30am
Led by Jo Hounsome
10 places

Contact time may occasionally be extended to incorporate artists talks or day long activities such as specialist workshops. These sessions will be timetabled and information provided in advance.

Course Outline

This is a one year course that has been designed to respond to the increasing demand for print and will suit those who would like to try a variety of printmaking processes. It will provide an introduction to the key areas of print – screenprinting, drypoint, etching, relief, collagraph, monoprinting, photopolymer and much more. It is a practical, workshop based course that will also include specialist day workshops in book binding, paper making and letterpress.

This course will be delivered by a number of different tutors who will introduce you to the exciting and wide ranging possibilities of the printmaking process. It is designed for both beginners and for those with some experience, to expand your printmaking knowledge and technical skills, increase your confidence, to explore your creative ideas and support your personal development. You will learn how to research and develop visual ideas and how to evaluate and reflect on your progress. 

You will gain experience working across a range of processes in a large, well equipped and established studio. This will ensure that you are working at a professional level. Experimentation and new ways of working will be encouraged so that you are able to achieve your creative potential. The course will also include contextual elements that will introduce you to the history of printmaking and provide you with an awareness of contemporary practice.

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