Caroline Whitehead Mokulito Workshop


Saturday 8 February 2020
10am – 4pm

This one-day introduction to mokulito is suitable for printmakers of all levels of experience. Mokulito is a form of lithography and is a great technique for anyone who enjoys drawing and experimenting with different kinds of mark-making. Unlike in traditional lithography, which uses a stone or metal plate, for mokulito, the image is drawn on a plywood plate, offering the opportunity to make large prints relatively economically. Because wood is an organic substance, the image changes slightly each time the plate is printed, meaning that editions are small and variable. Different effects can also be achieved with different types of wood. As the printing session progresses, the grain of the wood gradually becomes more dominant, often producing the evocative veils of colour that are so characteristic of this technique. A particular advantage of using wood as the printing matrix is the possibility of combining mokulito with woodcut, which can be used to produce contrasting sharp lines and textures. During the workshop Caroline will demonstrate her technique, and you will have the opportunity to print pre-prepared sample plates and also to prepare your own small test plate for printing on the day or in your own time. Caroline has been working with mokulito for over five years  and is one of the few printmakers in the UK with extensive knowledge of this technique.

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