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The art of Ex Libris, or printed bookplates


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Masterclass Workshop Wuon-Gean Ho
Printed Bookplates – The art of Ex Libris
Saturday 13 July 2019

Bookplates are small decorative prints, traditionally pasted in the front of books to signify ownership. Even though books are becoming less common, we still have a desire to personalise our memories and moments, possessions and experiences. In this one-day workshop we will explore ways of creating personally relevant bookplates for this modern age. We will look at the use of allegory, symbols, humour and narrative, and spend the day designing, making and printing a set of bookplates which may be used, exchanged or displayed. 

The workshop will teach carving and printing from Japanese vinyl relief blocks (gomu-ban) with oil-based relief inks on a fine, strong Japanese paper. Prints will be printed by hand and optionally also using the Columbian press. In order to conform to the Federation of Ex-Libris Societies, the prints will be a maximum of 140 mm in any direction.