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Wuon Gean Ho Print to Animation Workshop


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Saturday 22 June 2019
10am – 4pm

Printmaking, in the most straightforward sense, involves making a matrix from which many images can be printed. It is relatively simple to make multiples which resemble each other, but which are not identical. It is also possible to alter the matrix while printing in order to transform and evolve the print. There are many ways of changing an image, for example, by using different ways of printing it, or by printing the image in different places across the page, or by changing the matrix and making a print each time it is changed. When all the different prints are layered up and shown sequentially, with a flip-book or in a computer programme, suddenly they come to life.

In this one day experimental workshop, we will use stop-frame animation to explore breathing life into our printed images. We will make basic stop frame animations. Come prepared to enjoy learning experimental ways of inking and printing a plate, and ready to make dozens of prints which will come to life!