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Portfolio Course  for publicity

We are really pleased to launch this course in January 2015.  Our first 1 year course with Angie Butler. Meet Angie at an Open Evening in September to find our more about the course and how it can benefit you.

Open Evening

Tues 23 September

7-8.30 with presentation at 7.15pm


Starting January 2015


During this 30-week course, students will develop knowledge of the materials, techniques, structures, tools, and processes used in creating artists’ books, and will learn how to make a variety of book structures. Bindings and structures range from simple and engaging stitching to more complex and challenging multi-section hard back books.

This course will appeal to creative thinkers, makers and those who have or wish to study a variety of arts including illustration, graphic design etc.

Angie Butler is an artist with a multi-disciplinary approach to making, producing artists’ books and printed matter with letterpress, hand typed text, and other traditional and contemporary low-fi printing methods. She lectures, leads workshops and courses teaching into various CPD programmes, undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses, (from Fine Art and Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking to Graphic Design and Illustration), at Universities and Studios throughout the UK. She holds masters degrees in both Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking and Visual Culture: Fine Art, and is currently undertaking PhD. study at the Centre for Fine Print Research (CFPR) at The University of The West of England. Awarded two prizes for her artists’ books: the Sheffield Book Arts Prize (Student Prize) 2009, and the Agassi Book Arts Prize UWE, 2011.