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Contemporary Art Talk: Where is Print Going?

June 24, 2013

June 27th! This informal talk looks at where printmaking finds a place (or not) in contemporary art of the last 50 years. How are artists using it today? is it disappearing as a way to make artwork? what is its function now?

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SPS members work at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

June 5, 2013

Anna Harley

Several Spike Print Studio members; Chitra Parvathy Merchant, Anna Harley, Ros Ford, Susan Gradwell, Anna Warsop and Emma Stibbon RA, have had work selected for the Summer exhibition at the Royal Academy this year. Exhibiting members took part in the traditional Varnishing Day Reception yesterday, which was held in the galleries, preceded by a service […]

May Open Studios 2013

June 5, 2013

We had a very busy bank holiday weekend and it was sunny (remember sunshine!) and despite the Bristol 10k run closing the road on Sunday.

SPS Raffle at May Open

April 16, 2013

This year at the Spike Island Open, Spike Print Studio is holding a raffle to raise funds to improve the etching studio equipment which will benefit the learning programme, members and studio users.

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Talking Print

March 12, 2013

NEW DATE FOR POSTPONED TALK: We are delighted to have Gill Nicol with us at Spike Print Studio on Thursday 27 June 6-8 to raise the question… Other questions up for debate will be: How are artists using it today? Is it disappearing as a way to make artwork? What is its function now? Click to […]

World Book Illustrator

February 15, 2013

SPS member, Rachel Bright is a writer of words, drawer of pictures and thinker of happy thoughts. Rachel has been chosen as World Book Illustrator this year.  With a cacophony of quirky characters tumbling tirelessly from her imagination, she is one of the South West’s most prolific talents. Creating a growing portfolio of beautifully imagined […]

Make Something Good

January 15, 2013

Loads of fab courses coming up at Spike Print Studio in February and March 2013

Lightworks exhibition

October 23, 2012

For one weekend only Spike Print Studio members, Lee Kellgren, Hilary Prosser, Katie Reynolds, Colin Rhodes and Gilly Thompson will be exhibiting intaglio works which use a photographic process. Come and join the artists on Saturday 10th of November between 1pm – 3pm to discuss the processes they use and the inspiration behind the pieces. […]

What our members are up to

October 10, 2012

Our members continue to be brilliant!  Our studio is very well represented  the RE Open at Bankside (finished 2 September) and Maria Bowers won the Printmaking  Today Prize which is an editorial feature in Printmaking Today.  Well done Maria! Other members included are Ros Ford, Paul Thirkell, Rob Manners and Gilly Thompson. Chitra Merchant, Gilly […]

Tina Hill

September 25, 2012

Excavating Babel, Tina Hill”s installation of over 2,300 discarded books is being shown at the Electro Studios, Seaside Road, St. Leonards, November 10th/11th and 17th/18th, 2012. The 3 photopolymer prints of this work are being shown at The Hastings Museum and Art Gallery from now until the 13th of January 2013. Tina is a guest […]